VNG Solutions

Our Mission

We enable enterprises to make distinctive, permanent, digitally transformed and data driven improvements in their enterprise performance.

We aim to be a leader, to work, attract, develop with exceptional people.

Our Commitment

VNG Solutions purpose delivers data driven, comprehensive and cost effective digital transformation solutions and withing and fixed time period.

By using and growing our experience; investing in our employees; learning and growing our company.

Our Vision

We bring closer the future of digitally transformed organizations that are empowered by cutting-edge capabilities; data platforms, digital twin, AI and advanced analytics in a data driven approach.

VNG Solutions is to provide professional, high quality, timely services to the satisfaction of our customers.


Based on Bloomberg Reports


of leaders think that the COVID Pandemic will speed their Digital Transformation by an average of 5.3 years.


We provide Solutions with Cooperative Models of Professional and Managed Services

We practice
what we preach

We deliver continous
incremental value

Responsive corporate

In our typical engagement, VNG Solutions Transformation
is bringing to you the following values

Business Process

We can help you to enhance your business performance.


For full visibility, by bringing new ideas to your team, a strategy of effective business IT Alignment will be ensured.

Data Practice

Data governance and management strategy will enable cost efficient analytics and a cost efficient data driven organization.

Setting Up

Data Governance
& Management Practice


Face your challanges 

Tomorrow’s value will be driven by the quality of user experience. We deliver our expertise on DX; hybrid and cloud capabilities to assist your Organization to reliably, efficiently and effectively provide service to your users.

Cloud TX

Ensure your cloud solution is empowered by reliable engineers, optimize your costs and focus on core business

App TX

Have IT support, Developers, and Business IT aligned Software Architecture Design, in development and deployment

Data TX

Data driven use of business intelligence, advanced analytics and artificial intelligence, machine learning

Security & Compliance TX

Have IT support, Developers, and Business IT aligned Software Architecture Design, in development and deployment