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VNG Digital Hub, is born by our internal digital transformation journey. We are powered by high-level expertise and best industry practices.

Our practice is designed to help you achieve better business performance.


Migrate your workload to the cloud with hybrid architecture on-premise/cloud

Increase your revenue using the cloud capabilities with unlimited computing and storage

Lower your operational OPEX and capital CAPEX expenditures


Regain belief in your data, enable new capabilities usingĀ  latest technologies

Provide Business Inteligence and advanced analytics (AI/ML) to discover and use new opportunites

Optimize your business processes, ensure they are followed


VNG allows you to focus on business requirements, by accurate cost estimation, and timely delivery

VNG resources are educated and qualified staff, accompanied with disciplined quality assurance

VNG ensures effective software Design, Architecture, Development and Deployment


Ensure you are secure and risk compliant, Extend Your security expertise, define your security posture, risk and threat management

Ensure you are certified to schedule using our readiness preparation for: ISO 27001, SOC2, SOC3, GDPR, PCI DSS, etc.

Safe and secure operations, ensure reliable business continuity and disaster recovery, monitor and react on network intrusions